Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?


Why does evil strike good people on a continuous basis? Is being dumb that big a fault? Why doesn't God intervene and help out people who He made dumb? It does not seem fair to me. Why does God allow an unfair world? I understand that this is a test in this world but how long a test should be? I've seen someone suffer all her life and I see no way in the future that her suffering will end? Why do some people never feel afraid that they are making someone feel miserable? Why doesn't God stop people from making her feel scared all her life?


There are attributes of God that can be fully seen and appreciated in this world, like "Khaliq" (creator).

There are attributes of God that can be fully seen and appreciated only if the whole system of creation of human being is considered as the scope, which includes this world and the hereafter. Among them is "Adel" (Just, Fair). We can only appreciate the Fairness of God to His creation (specifically the human being) if we look at both the Hereafter and this world.

Yes we may think that Mr. A suffering all his life and Mr. B having fun all his life is not fair. We however come to realize and fully appreciate the Fairness when we find in the hereafter that Mr. B is questioned very delicately and strictly about his duties with regard to himself and his fellow human beings when he was having all that fun and is asked what he did with all the blessing that God gave him in the world, while Mr. A is treated with more lenience, appreciating his special condition, and much of his sins are forgiven because of his sufferings.

The general rule is that every one will be treated in the hereafter according to the circumstances and conditions in which he has lived in this world.

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