Why Doesn’t God Help The Innocent Victims?


I have a question that you see many innocent people dying in the world either by natural disasters or by attacks from police or some criminals. The question is that why do innocent people die from such attacks? Why does not Allah protect the innocent people who have nothing to do with crime or corruption?


The Almighty Allah has put man through test in this worldly life. Seen from our angle it is sheer injustice to deprive a man of his mother, son or daughter. But God sees the entire creation from a more wise and merciful angle. He does not see things like us. He has planned a test for us all. He implements His scheme according to His profound wisdom. It needs to be appreciated that those killed by the oppressors also face the test of life. There life is destined to end that way. However, this does not exonerate the atrocities of the oppressors. The criminals will be punished by God according to the demands of justice.

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