Why Invoke Allah’s Blessings Upon The Prophets?


We pray for safety and security of Prophets in durood and salam. I have a confusion that they have passed away they don't have any thing to do with this world any more. Neither they have any danger so why should we pray for their safety and security i.e, Hazrat Esa (Peace be upon him) etc.


In the supplications which are called by the people in our lands as durood is nothing but a prayer for the Prophets. We invoke Allah's blessings upon them. This is due to the fact that the Prophets were chosen by God for the guidance of mankind. We owe them gratitude and the best form of gratitude is to invoke Allah's blessings upon them. We also pray for all of our dear ones. The Prophet's status is above all the ones whom we hold dear. Allah Almighty has commanded us to invoke His blessings upon the Prophet. I am not sure what is wrong with it. We know that they have passed away. We also know that that they enjoy great status in the presence of the Lord. Yet we pray for them only because it is the command of Allah and is dictated by our relation to them.

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