Why women cannot pray or touch the Qur’an after childbrith?


I couldn't find the answer can u please send me the right answer for.

1. When can a couple get intimate after the birth of their baby?

2. Why women cannot pray or touch Quran for 40 days after giving birth?


After childbirth, women undergo a four to six week long puerperal discharge (period of Nifaas) which makes them ritually unclean. According to the requirements of the Shari`ah, the same 'restrictions' apply on women during their puerperal discharge as applied to menstruating women. These restrictions relate only to 1) their worship and 2) their copulation with their spouses. These restrictions continue till the discontinuation of the puerperal discharge. Normally this is a forty day period. In our opinion, there is no restriction on reading or touching the Qur'an as it generally understood.

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