Worldly Problems And Wazifas


My father is in deep trouble because an inquiry is being carried out. He has not done anything wrong. However, the opposition is too strong. He may lose his job. Nothing appears to be working. Please guide us to get out of this trouble. Could you suggest any wazifa or dua that can help us out? Is there any other thing that can lead us towards betterment? His inquiry is on Saturday and there are chances that inquiry supervisor will take his decision on that very day.


I am sorry there is no wazifa that can guarantee success. We believe that the only way is to adopt conventional course of action and seek Allah's help continuously. Allah Almighty is always kind and helps his servants. He does not need any wazifa. However, at times He does not listen to your prayers they do not conform to His decrees. He intends to test us and see how patient and steadfast we are. In this case if He does not listen to our prayers He rewards us through other blessings in the life of the world or even afterlife.

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