Worship On Shab-e Mihraaj And Shab-e Baaraat


Should one pray specifically on shab-e-mairaaj (night of accession) and shab-e-baarat or does that fall under "bid'ah" (innovations in religion) as I could not find any Ahadith regarding praying specifically on these nights. And as far as it comes on praying on shab-e-qadr is concerned I'm aware that it is a very blessed night as mentioned in the Holy Quran itself and also Ahadiths. Could you please clarify the matter now and let me know whether praying on shab-e-mairaaj and shab-e baraat fall under 'bid'ah"?


We know that the Prophet (sws) offered supererogatory prayers and encouraged others on doing the same. Therefore, offering supererogatory prayers cannot be considered to be a Bid`ah. One can worship his Lord as much as one can. And it is up to the individual to ascertain when to offer supererogatory prayers. He can offer as much as he can for example during Ramadan or any other time, which seems more appropriate time for the purpose. However, declaring it a religious obligation and then setting out to offer prayers on these occasion and condemning those who do not join us would be a Bid`ah and cannot be condoned in any case. In this case you are attaching to the religion what the Almighty has not declared a religiously binding act.

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