Dr Irfan Shahzad associate Fellow

Dr Irfan Shahzad was born in 1976 in Rawalpindi. He completed his education in the same city. Along with the modern education, he studied Dars-e-Nizami from Wifaq-ul-Madaris Al- Arabia till the fourth standard. He did his first masters in Islamic studies and second in English Literature from the University of Punjab. He completed his Doctorate in Islamic Studies from NUML Islamabad. He has been teaching for around 15 years in different educational institutions including PakTurk international Schools and Colleges Islamabad, St. Mary’s Academy for Girls Rawalpindi and Air University Islamabad.

Dr Irfan writes on religious and social issues. His articles are published in different scholarly journals including Ishraq, Lahore, Pakistan, Al-Shariah, and Gujranwala Pakistan and on different websites of social media.

He was introduced to Farahi School of thought in 2014 and since then he is an eager learner and active contributor in the interpretation of scholarly views of Farahi…

Kaukab Shehzad associate Fellow

Kaukab Shehzad

Associate Fellow



1984 - Graduated in Psychology and Philosophy

1983 - Study of Islamic disciplines under the tutelage of Jāvēd Ahmad Ghāmidī


Muhammad Ibrahim Sheikh associate Fellow

Muhammad Ibrahim Sheikh (b. 1968) completed memorizing the Qur’an while in college. After his graduation in 1988, he joined the Qur’an Academy for a one year course on Islamic studies. Later, he obtained his professional B.ED in 1990. In 1992, he obtained his Masters in Arabic Language and Literature (privately) from the Punjab University. After serving 6-7 years as Lecturer at the Qur’an College, he joined the Al-Mawrid Foundation in 1999 to complete Shahadah e alamiyyah from there in 2001. Since 2003, he has been an online instructor of various courses at the Foundation’s sister organization for online Islamic education, Studying Islam (http://www.studying-islam.org). During this time he has translated into Urdu many courses developed for the website.

He is currently in the process of completing his M Phil (MS) at the University of Central Punjab (UCP) on the topic of “Da‘wat-e Deen: A Comparative Study of Islahi & Ghamidi”.…

Muhammad Siddiq Bukhari associate Fellow

Muhammad Siddiq Shah Bukhary (b. 1961) did his masters in Political Science from the Punjab University in 1983. He completed his shahadah e alamiyyah from the Al-Mawrid Foundation in 2001 and later also taught at the Foundation in the Masters in Islamic Studies program (2002-2003). In 2004, he launched Suay Haram (http://www.suayharam.org), a monthly Islamic journal. Since 2006 he is serving in a reputed institution of Abu Dhabi, UAE as instructor of Islamic Studies to O Level students. He conducts regular Islamic study sessions with teachers and students of the school.