Kaukab Shehzad associate

  1984 - Graduated in Psychology and Philosophy
  1983 - Study of Islamic disciplines under the tutelage of Jāvēd Ahmad Ghāmidī

Major Works
  Hadīth Anthology (Unpublished) (2009- ). Under the supervision of Dr Shehzad Saaleem based on the categorization of Mishkat al-Masabih in the following sections:

  Ilm al-Nabi
  Fiqh al-Nabi
  Seerat al-Nabi

Hadīth Anthology.  Under the supervision of Mawlvī ‘Ammār Khān Nāsir, investigative compilation of 1000 Ahadīth related to ethics and morality from sīra (Biography of the Prophet,  (sws)) related Ahadīth in Bukhārī. 2006

Hadīth Anthology.  Compilation (Unpublished). 2001- . Work on the following chapters:

 “Kitāb al-tawhīd”
  “Kitāb al-qadr”
  “Kitāb al-nabuwwah”
  “Kitāb al-i’tisām bi’l-kitāb wa al-sunnah”

Hadīth Anthology.  “Kitāb al-Imān.” (Unpublished). 2001. Have also prepared ground work for comprehensive Hadīth Texts by working on almost 550, 000 Hadīth narratives.

Dr Shehzad Saleem. Jam’ al-Qur’ān (Collection of the Qur’ān). Renaissance. (Feb. 2000). . Unpublished translation (English to Urdu). Feb. 2000

Akhbār Ahād (Isolated Hadīth Reports). Translation (Arabic to Urdu). Ishrāq, Nov 1990.

Research Area

Hadīth (Historical reports on the Prophet, peace be upon him); work involves historiographical investigation as well as record compilation. Also includes record arrangement on the basis of textual analysis.

Press & Public Activities

2015—Urdu translation of Dr Shehzad Saleem’s book "Islam and Women: Misconceptions and Misperceptions"
  2009-2016—Categorization of Mishkat al-Masabeeh (3 Volumes) into Fiqh al-Nabi, Seerah al-Nabi and ‘Ilm al-Nabi
  2009-present—Five days a week classes for ladies on Quran, Hadith and Arabic
  2015-present—Weekly Qur’an class (for ladies) in Australia via skype
  2000-2011—A regular compare, guest speaker and resource person on PTV, Wikkid, A TV and Others Channel in both Urdu and Punjabi for programmes on various Islamic issues;  current affairs and social matters.
  2007—Nomination for Fatimah Jinnah (National) Award for airing the highest no of programmes on women issues on various tv channels 
  Lectured in various colleges on Islamic issues.
  2000-2001—Instructor in Arabic language for higher secondary classes at Defence Public School, Lahore.
  1994-99—Instructor in Urdu and Islamic tradition for primary classes at Mus’ab Public School, Lahore.
  1988—Have been delivering weekly lectures on the Qur’ān (private)
  1988—Frequent al-Mawrid programmes of instruction in Islam.

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