Rehan Ahmed Yusufi fellow

Mr Rehan Ahamd Yusufi started his career as a teacher and an educationist after obtaining Masters Degrees in Islamic Studies and Computer Technology from the Karachi University with distinction. He started his professional career by serving as a system analyst in a commercial organization. In 1997 he joined service in Saudi Arabia and later immigrated to Canada. 

Mr Rehan Ahmad Yusufi has been attached to people of learning from the beginning of his education career. In 1991, he was introduced to Mr Javed Ahmad Ghamid, a Pakistani religious scholar. After his return from Canada in 2002, Mr Yusufi joined Al-Mawrid, a Foundation for Islamic Research and Education, founded by Mr Ghamidi. Presently Mr Yusufi is an Associate Fellow at Al-Mawrid. His job responsibilities include propagation and communication of the religion as well as religious and moral instruction of people. He is heading a training center in Karachi which offers moral training and religious education to the masses.

Mr Rehan Ahamd Yusufi has very important works and booklets to his credit. The most important of his works include Maghrib sai Mashriq Tak, Urooj-o-Zawaal ka Qanoon awr Pakistan, and Wuhi Rah Guzar. He is also the Chief Editor of the Da’wah edition of the monthly Ishraq published from Karachi. The journal is also published online on its site

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