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Tariq Mahmood Hashmi


Tariq Mahmood Hashmi, (born 1971, Pakistan), has been engaged in research, translation and teaching in Islamic disciplines for a decade, after completing Master's Degrees in Arabic Language and Literature (1995) and Islamic Studies (2001). His academic work focuses on the translation of seminal Arabic and Urdu texts into English, which include Exordium to the Coherence in the Qur'an (Translation of Farāhī's Fatihah Nizam al-Qur'an), A Study of the Qur'anic Oaths (Translation of Farahi's Im'an fi Aqsam al-Qur'an), Fundamentals of Hadith Interpretation (Translation of Islahi's Mabadi Tadabbur-e Hadith), A Treatise on Monotheism (Translation of Abu Bakr Ibn Khuzaymah's Kitab al Tawhid) and The Islamic State (Translation of Islahi's Islami Riyasat). He is presently Associate Editor (English), and Assistant Fellow (honorary), Al Mawrid, Lahore, and is engaged in working on other Arabic works of Hamid al-Din Farahi.

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